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Finding inspiration and resources for indigenous language education

A curated by Allyson Eamer,
Assistant Professor at University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Allyson’s Research Interests

Research interests include synchronous online language learning, language acquisition and identity negotiation, immersion education, ethnolinguistic vitality and mother tongue education. Allyson is also interested in how digital literacy supports self directed learning, how cyber colonialism impacts distance education through the dominance of English on the web, and how corporate outsourcing has changed English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching.

Current Projects

Digital Multimedia Identity Projects with Elementary ESL students: This project explores the role of language, music and image in negotiating and representing evolving identities for new Canadian children.

Language and Identity Negotiation in the 1.5 Generation:This study explores how newly immigrated teens use the languages in their repertoires to achieve or maintain insider status with various peer groups in the complex terrain of secondary school where social capital is intertwined with a student’s sense of being competent/successful and where competence/success informs one’s beliefs about the accessibility of post secondary education.

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