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Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) is the primary educational, workforce development and social service provider for Alaska Native and American Indian people (AN/AI) in the Anchorage/Cook Inlet Region of Alaska. As an organization, CITC is striving to be a leader in using social enterprise as a vehicle for financial sustainability and social change. Our goal is to be a forward thinking, proactive organization charting our own destiny.

For CITC, self-sufficiency and sustainability mean developing human and financial resources to effectively fulfill our mission and vision for the future in which “all Our People—especially Our Youth, the stewards of our future—have access to vast opportunities, have the ability, confidence, and courage to advance and achieve their goals, infused with an unshakable belief in Our endless potential.”

CITC has a culture and reputation of reaching out to embrace new ways to connect with and serve Alaska Native people. Looking at the age demographics of Alaska Natives, we want to harness a vibrant new avenue to reach our youth. Through our for-profit subsidiary CITC Enterprises, Inc., (CEI), we have established a business venture to design and market a series of digital games that will showcase Alaska Native culture and that of indigenous people around the world.

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