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ICCTA’S Mission

To promote the appropriate use and development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to strengthen the recovery of the roots of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and their legal, political, social, educational, cultural, spiritual and economic well-being.

Slideshow about the ICCTA

ICCTA Strategic Plan

The objective of this Plan is to create an effective, efficient, low overhead organization which can work with others to channel energy, expertise and funds to bring the significant benefit of ICT to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. At the end of the first five years ICCTA will have Indigenous membership of 15,000 people; 2,000 Indigenous organizations and 2,000 non-Indigenous friends. Income will come from membership (17%), with support from governments (21%), agencies/foundations (14%), and 70 corporations (39%). ICCTA is the incarnation of an ambitious idea: it is the idea that Indigenous Peoples, given the right tools and training, can further their own prosperity.

The tools are in the Information and Communications Technology kit bag. ICT is the technology that uses computers to analyze data; aggregate fact into information; and archive knowledge, culture and tradition. ICT enables the processing and communication of all kinds of information. It is a great deal more than just computers and the Internet. Information may be wisdom, ideas, opinion, tradition, culture, history, help, instruction, references, data, and importantly, sources and contacts. Communication may be by radio, television, telephones, public address systems and newspapers or by the Internet. Deprived of access to this technology the Indigenous Peoples will be impeded from sharing in global prosperity, blocked by a “digital divide”.

ICCTA, being an organization of Indigenous Peoples, is uniquely qualified to identify and enumerate their “needs”. These have been listed, split into strategic goals and tactical objectives and are set out in the Project Agenda.

Read the Strategic Plan (PDF)

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