Posted to the Ethnos Project by on April 5th, 2015

Blurb: “I think I have witnessed both the empowering and disempowering aspects of ICTs enough to have developed a significant amount of skepticism toward the technology and especially the unnerving tendency of people to use it to amplify our pre-existing conditions rather than solve any problems. I guess I am joining with Illich, Postman, Bowers – not in pessimism, but in pleading with other professionals working with ICTs, to develop much more of a critical, reflective and self conscious appreciation of their work, and find a way out of having to justify work in terms of return on investment, and measurable success.”

Leigh’s blog post is a critical response to Laurel Evelyn Dyson’s 2004 essay, “Cultural Issues in the Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies by Indigenous Australians.”

Leigh Blackall currently works with the Faculty of Health Science at La Trobe University. His professional interest is in educational development, focused on open and networked learning and research.

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