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Connecting with Indigenous people working with Indigenous Knowledge sources

Developing an International network to connect innovative projects relating to Indigenous peoples, Archives, Libraries, Museums, Galleries, Keeping Places and Communities
Discussions are taking place between Indigenous people working in archives in Australia and the United States, about the creation of a network to share information between people working with Indigenous knowledge sources held in Archives, Libraries, Museums, Galleries, Keeping Places and communities.

Why a network?

logo-indigenous-archivesIncreasing numbers of Indigenous people are engaging with institutions that hold Indigenous Knowledge sources and records, including Libraries, Museums, Archives, Galleries and Community Keeping places/Repositories.

In Australia and the United States Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Native American communities are engaging with historical material that relates to them and are expressing a real desire to create and maintain their own community archives or keeping places. Indigenous issues relating to the repatriation of knowledge is also an emerging and important issue for a wide range of professions, particularly in the area of standard setting, education and training and broader issues such as human rights law.

How the network will operate?

We hope that a community will grow around the web site, where information, experiences, projects and stories can be shared.

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