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I recently learned about this documentary from @simsa0 who pointed me to this posting on Intercontinental Cry magazine. – Cheers, Mark

Indigenas Digitais is a 2010 documentary directed by Sebastian Gerlic and produced by Thydêwá about the use of information communication technologies by Brazilian Indigenous tribes to improve human rights and promote positive social change in their communities. Members from several nations (Tupinambás, Pataxó Hãhãhãe, Kariri-Xoco, the Pankararu, Potiguara, Macushi and Bakairi) discuss how cell phones, cameras, camcorders, computers and especially the internet have been important tools in terms of their resistance, and their hope to recover their traditional territories.

The documentary features, “a channel of dialogue, encounter and exchange — a portal for intercultural dialogue that values diversity, facilitating information and communication to various indigenous peoples and society.” [source]


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