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This paper draws upon the ideas and scholarship encapsulated by a core unit at QUT in Indigenous Education. This unit was developed and written by Indigenous staff in the university’s Oodgeroo Unit and taken up for delivery for the first time in 2003. Staff in Teaching and Learning Support Services (TALSS) were approached towards the end of the writing of this subject to develop a unique online environment that would support the philosophical and pedagogical tenets of this program of study. In 2004, a chat room was introduced to allow students an additional space for their reflections and learning over the semester. This paper suggests that the risks and resistances modelled by both the teaching staff and the learning environment are key factors in assisting pre-service teachers to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander knowledges in their own teaching for the benefit of all students. By undertaking a conversational analysis of chat room support sessions, observations can be made on: (i) the impact and efficacy of ICT use in assisting student reflection, provocation and critique, and (ii) future directions of research investigating the interface between Indigenous pedagogies in education and ICTs.

Keywords: information communication technologies, Indigenous education, cultural studies

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