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Vision: In 2028 the digital divide is minimized. Lesser developed countries (LDCs) will be interconnected with the developed world using state of the art information- and communication-technologies (ICTs). People living in LDCs will have the ability to access world wide available information and knowledge at reconcilable costs. Subsequently the social conditions and the economic situation in LDCs are improved.

Mission: is an Austrian based NGO contributing to the international ICT4D movement. We collaborate globally. We act locally. We push things forward in the developing world. We develop projects for a developing world. To encourage people to interact with the global network and the cellular technology as a key instrument for knowledge dilution to achieve a better life.

Values: is not affiliated with any religious or political party. We are highly committed to Open Source Software and global development. We respect human rights and are not disturbing people in their natural life. We share the belief that peacefully working together will better the world.

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