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ICT World Today is a journal on Information and Communication Technology for Development developed by the Korea Information Society Development Institute with support from APCICT. Note: seems to have been in production for only two years (2009-2010).

Aims & Scope

To contribute to developing the overall economies, enhancing the quality of life in developing countries, and boosting the capacity of their information and com- munication technology (ICT) industry by sharing up-to-date news on the rapidly developing ICT sector and ICT leading countries’ experience in human resource development, bridging the digital divide, etc. with developing countries as well as international organizations and regional development agencies.

Subject Coverage

Topics are drawn from, but not limited to, the following areas: digital divide, access to ICT, digital convergence, ICT and disaster management, e-government, cyber security, ICT for education, e-health and telemedicine, ICT and gender, ICT for trade and commerce, ICT and SMEs, ICT and energy, culture and ICT, ICT and the disabled, ICT and legal/regulatory issues, and e-agriculture. The journal welcomes pluralism of its articles in approach, methods, and disciplines including the following types: academic research articles, case studies, interviews and article digest & reviews.

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