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In recent years there has been – and continues to be – a massive expansion in the number of information-and-communications-technology-for-development (ICT4D) projects (telecentres, ICT-enabled microenterprise, public service kiosks, e-government initiatives, e-health projects, ICT-in-education, etc) in developing and transitional economies.

Successful oversight of these projects requires ‘ICT4D champions’ who possess a combination of technical competencies (e.g. information systems skills) and contextual competencies (e.g. development skills). Such a combination is, as yet, rarely found.  This has resulted in a high project failure rate, and a recognition of training need.

This programme, therefore, aims to create the ‘ICT4D champions’ who combine the necessary skills to see ICT4D projects through to sustainable delivery of development goals.  At the end of the programme, participants will have been provided with:

  • conceptual frameworks to understand the process of socio-economic development and the role of information and of ICTs in the development process; and
  • new knowledge and skills to help in the effective planning, development, implementation and management of ICT4D initiatives

A range of optional modules provides an opportunity to satisfy specialist ‘ICT4D champion’ knowledge and skill requirements.

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