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We are established to “empower the voice seldom heard”. We recognise that those who have suffered abuse often suffer further indignity by remaining unheard. In making the individual story, told by the individual in their own words and their own way, visible, accessible and freely available we can offer some support to those who need it most.

Human Rights TV guarantees to the individuals who provide their testimony that it will not be edited into other progamming unless they specifically request that. The testimony remains the copyright of the person supplying it and we never appropriate the voice we serve.

Human Rights TV provides a free service to individuals, free at the point of entry, free at the point of viewing. We do not believe that those who have suffered should have to pay to be heard.

Human Rights TV maintains a sacred space on the web where all who are present share the values enshrined in the Human Rights Declaration at the United Nations in 1948 and the subsequent developments in the ideal of human rights. We promise to protect this space from inappropriate activities, marketing or promotions.

Human Rights TV does not support, represent or promote any political or religious stance and acts purely as a video resource cataloging the history of the progression and activity of human rights in the 21st century. We do not guarantee the authenticity or veracity of any of the content we archive but offer it as prime source material that gives the viewer the chance to make their own judgment.

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