Posted to the Ethnos Project by on November 17th, 2013

Global Perspectives on Digital History aggregates and selects material from our Compendium of the Global Perspectives, drawing from hundreds of venues where high-quality scholarship is likely to appear, including the personal websites of scholars, institutional sites, blogs, and other feeds. It also seeks to discover new material by monitoring Twitter and other social media for stories discussed by the community, and by continuously scanning the broader web through generalized and specialized search engines. Scholarship—in whatever form—that drives the field forward is highlighted in the Editors’ Choice column. Global Perspectives also offers Short Takes, items from the venues we monitor that are brief, but which offer important insights into or news on digital history around the world. The current languages of Global Perspectives are English, German, and French. In the months to come we will expand our purview to other world languages. If you are interested in becoming an editor of content in a new language for us, please contact one of the editors in chief.

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