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What is Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation (GKPF)?

Every organization involved in development needs to network and exchange knowledge. GKPF has the role as the knowledge broker, networking, communication and dissemination, logistics partner for all organizations, companies and governments involved in development. GKPFs mission is it to create and maintain the mechanisms, trade routes and marketplaces that make human development possible.

GKPFs ensures the flow and availability of information and also that the available information reaches those who can make the best use out of it. In the core of GKPF stands the creation and implementation of win/win situations. Individuals and organizations should engage with and support GKPF in order to ensure that they and their organization have the best possible access to knowledge, networking, and communication.

GKPF as a Multi-stakeholder Partnership 

All stakeholders in the field of ICT4D and K4D need global networking opportunities and real Multi-Stakeholders Partnerships (MSPs) based on win-win situations in order to effectively execute their aims. GKPF is an internationally recognized multi stakeholder network with a distinguished and well established track record. But GKPF is not just a network; GKPF is proactively creating and implementing win/win situations that respond to the specific needs of the membership organizations. GKPF is living in the real world as GKPF understands that the global development needs can only be realistically achieved through real world solutions.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: A world of equal opportunities to all to have access to and use knowledge and information to improve their lives

Our Mission: As an evolving network of public, civil society, and commercial organizations, GKPF provides members, access to global knowledge and innovation; links with organizations within and across regions; supports capacity development and provides opportunities for resource mobilization to advance development.

Our Members

Our members are the heart of our network. By bringing together governments, business, and civil society, we provide convening power to gather a broad range of partners for development, not only for advancing ICT for development and innovation across the globe but also for advancing their global development mission and goals.

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