Posted to the Ethnos Project by on July 21st, 2013

Projects succeed, projects fail. The successes are reported on, the failures are filed away. Or, in the case of most ICT 4 Development or Mobile 4 Development projects, pushed under the proverbial rug.

Well, its time to bring out the failures, with a sense of humor, and with an honest look at ourselves. So we are introducing the first-ever FAILfaire.

FAILfaire features projects using mobiles and ICTs in international development that have, to put it simply, been a #FAIL. Busted, kaputt. Tongue firmly in cheek, we take a close look at what didn’t work and why the projects failed amidst the ICT4D hype we all are subjected to (and sometimes contributors to). We believe that only if we understand what DOESN’T WORK in this field and stop pushing our failures under the rug, can we collectively learn and get better, more effective, and have greater impact as we go forward.

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