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The impact and interaction of ICT and African culture is a critical issue as African nations position themselves to reap the benefits of ICT for development. African nations have different attitudes towards cultural regeneration and dissemination as the continent struggles to address the ambiguous role and position of culture as it forge ahead with her development agenda and find her position in the global information revolution. It is essential for African countries to ensure that adopting ICT for development (ICT4D) does not destroy their beautiful cultural heritage. Culture is passed from one generation to another through inheritance as young generation is brought up in it, thus, growing up to appreciate and passes it on to their children. However, at such a time when the world is drastically embracing information age, the value of culture may easily be lost. African conservatives and elders are worried that their children are losing their “good” traditions and culture. In the evolution of the information society, particular attention must be given to the special situation of indigenous peoples, as well as to the preservation of their heritage and their cultural legacy. In this regard, this paper attempts to address the following issues: how do we adopt ICT4D in Africa yet keep our culture and heritage? And how we use ICT to preserve Africa‟s culture? This paper considers a case of North Rift region of Kenya due to its rich and well preserved culture and heritage.

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