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One of my guilty pleasures is reading the class blog for ETEC 521: Indigeneity, Technology and Education, a course taught at the University of British Columbia in their Master of Educational Technology program. Here’s a bit about the blog (from the About page):

“These weblogs provide information on the collective research conducted by the students in the MET’s ETEC 521 Indigeneity, Technology, and Education. These annotated weblogs describe resources available, links to other sites, and usefulness for research on Indigenous knowledge, media, and community reality.

Only students in the MET course ETEC521 can author postings on this weblog. Please refer to the instructions in the ETEC521 course site for instructions on how to add yourself to this weblog.

You can also look at the archives to find the research journals of students from previous years, going back to 2005. Not all of the postings are still available in these archives, but there is a wealth of information pertaining to potential research resources to be found in the archives.”

The students really bring together some great sites and resources (a small few of which get repeated over time). I encourage you to take a moment and visit their blog:

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