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This is not a simulation. You are about to tackle real problems.

Land fills, Recycling, Water Pollution, e-Waste, Rainforests, etc. And along the way you will discover new insights, challenges and beauty in places you never noticed before.

Welcome to the Evoke Network. Welcome to your crash course in saving the earth.


There’s an old saying here: ”If you have a problem, and you can’t solve it alone, evoke it.” When we evoke, we look for creative solutions. We use whatever resources we have. We get as many people involved as possible. We take risks. We come up with ideas that have never been tried before.

An evoke is an urgent call to innovation. If you found this message, then it is your destiny to join us.

Equipe EVOKE is a learning game that challenges people around the world, and especially in Brazil, to tackle the problems of waste and the environment. Each week, a new episode is released with a set of missions. Players complete missions by submitting evidence of their work – with photos, blog posts or videos. Each mission develops skills, which are voted up by other players. As players accrue skills, they earn recognition badges.

Equipe EVOKE is based on Urgent EVOKE, launched by the World Bank Institute in 2010 for the young game-changers of South Africa.

Equipe EVOKE was developed by the World Bank InfoDev program.

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