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Archive of the Nomatsigenga Language and Culture

About – in Nomatsigenga

noma-logoIra nomatsigengajegi kara atimaigiri iroonti agibatsiteegi,aisati pinageti tojai ikantagetaigira ira ogotasantaigira ira acharineegi kara jirai inagaegi kantanè yomagisantaigéro ora ikantaigira jirainisati.oka igoigira ironta asiegi ikoigagininta osangenatokotagima. komanoroni ingomantèro irasi iboina matsigenga ira inaiganatsinera.aro kara igoiganake yobetsikaigotanaka kara ikantaigari inibaretsajegikè matsigengajegi kara yobeganaka kara ikonijatokotanè yapatokobentaigakaro inetsikotaigirO kara osangenatokotanaka. anetsaikobentiro ongèshotantimara ora anibare kara akantaigara kara atimaigiri.ora ankantaigèra kara bistoikotané kara akantobentaigiro kara itimaigi amatsigenga bistoiKotanè ora nibamentotsiké ora inibareegi nomatsigengajegi patotagantsikè kanuja aisati otingomi nibamentotsi pongotsi.

About – translated to English from Spanish by Google Translate

The Nomatsigenga are an indigenous people of the Central Peruvian Amazon, which retains a vast cultural wealth embodied in different knowledge and that during the passage of time are missing. This knowledge are considered heritage and therefore should be recorded, preserved and disseminated for future nomatsigenga and for all mankind. Thus, the Digital Collection of the Culture and Language Nomatsigenga as the first digital repository created joint and participatory manner in order to record, visualize and make enduring the language and culture of our people arises. This initiative is the result of a collaboration between the people Nomatsigenga, Project Documentation Nomatsigenga Language (DLN) KANUJA Organization, Firebird Foundation and the Ministry of Culture.

Note: here is a nice Global Voices article with more information: “Making the Culture and Language of Peru’s Nomatsigenga People Accessible and Enduring Translation” (written by Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe, posted 9 August 2015).

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