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This publication is available through the Inter-Disciplinary Press
(many good things there – definitely worth checking out).


Anna Maj and Daniel Riha

Part I: Theories and Concepts in Digitizing Individual and Community Memory
The Trouble with Memory: Reco(r)ding the Mind in Code
Laura Schuster

(New) Media and Representations of the Past
Martin Pogačar

The Globytal: Towards an Understanding of Globalised Memories in the Digital Age
Anna Reading

Part II: Externalization and Mediation of Memories, Representational Principles for Memory Record, Digital Recording Strategies
Original Cinephany and Reappropriation: The Original Affect and its Reactualisation through Emerging Digital Technologies
Marc Jolly-Corcoran

Can Web 2.0 Shape Metamemory?
Alberto Sá

Clickable Memories: Hyperlinking and Memory Contextualisation
Olivier Nyirubugara

Part III: Emergent Technologies and Systems for Capturing Private Memories
HyperAuthor: A New Tool for Hypertextual Narrative Creation
Diana Espinal Cruces and Jose Jesus García Rueda

Disclosing Cultural Heritage over iDTV
Tom Evens

Part IV: Virtual Spaces of the Past
Biography as an Interactive 3-D Documentary
Daniel Riha

Bill Viola’s Passions Series and the Sensualisation of Experience
Maria Lakka

3-D as a Medium for Virtual Memorialisation
Lois Hamill

Part V: Archiving and Disseminating Community Memory Data
Is There a Way Back or Can the Internet Remember its Own History?
Marcus Burkhardt

Browsing through Memories: the Online Disclosure of Oral History in Flanders
Laurence Hauttekeete, Tom Evens and Erik Mannens

The Digitization of Audiovisual Archives: Technological Change within the Structures of Reproduction
Thomas Nachreiner

Part VI: New Media and Representations of the Past
Data as Memory and Memory as Data describes The Vienna Project
Karen Frostig

Re-Writing Literary Past in the Digital Age
Marin Laak and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt

Part VII: National Identity and Memory in the Digital Age, Political Uses of Cybermedia for Historical Revisionism
Dokdo Island Dispute: Korean Reconstruction of History and National Identity in User-Created Content Media
Jukka Jouhki

National Heroes in the Digital Age: The Institution of Great Men in Change
Tuuli Lähdesmäki

Part VIII: Social Issues Research, Online Ethnographic Research
Computerlore, Netlore and Digital Memories: HCI as Ethnographic Field Research
Michal Derda-Nowakowski

Digital Memories of High-Tech Tourists and Travelling Media: Twittering and Globalhood
Anna Maj

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