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This dictionary was submitted to the Resources Database by Dr. MJ Hardman (‎Professor of Linguistics and Anthropology at the University of Florida).

Dr. MJ Hardman writes: “This is a database driven dictionary of the Jaqi languages – Aymara, Jaqaru and Kawki. It is still under construction. Reference back to the db will give sound. We are adding pictures, but there are only a few so far. Each morpheme comes with a concordance. We plan to have the reference back to the db available by clicking rather than the current cumbersome method. All definitions are provided in both Spanish and English; also grammatical information of each morpheme is provided. This was created, and is continuing to be constructed, by an interdisciplinary group that included/includes native speakers of the languages involved. The Aymara was based on putting the Aymara language course online []; the Jaqaru and Kawki are directly database driven and based on the texts there.”

For more information about the database, read An Accessible Research Database for the Endangered Jaqaru and Kawki Languages, a paper by authored by Dr. Hardman (P.I.), Elizabeth Lowe McCoy (Co-P.I.), Howard Beck (Co-P.I.) and Sue Legg.

Read the paper

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