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Our mission is to transform lives and strengthen low-income communities by empowering people with information and communication technology. We use technology as a medium to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship and create a new generation of changemakers.

For 17 years, the CDI uses technology to encourage entrepreneurship and citizenship, through its 717 spaces for digital inclusion in Brazil and in the world. During this period, this work has already impacted more than 1.45 million lives.

Currently, the NGO is present in 12 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States, where he runs an office fundraising, networking and dissemination of social work sponsored by CDI.

This network, coordinated and monitored by 16 regional offices national and international, is present in low-income communities, prisons, psychiatric institutions and care for the disabled, indigenous and riverine villages, rehabilitation centers for juveniles deprived of liberty, among others locations, whether in urban or rural areas. The CDI network extends to more remote places in Brazil and Latin America, benefiting people of different ages, cultures, races and ethnicities.

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