Race and ICT4D: exploring the relationship between technology, development & race

A blog developed by Kui Kihoro Mackay, a student at Royal Holloway University who is undertaking an MSc in Practising Sustainable Development (ICT4D Specialism). The blog’s focus is race and ICT4D. From the blog: “At the moment there is not much out there in terms of research and discussion on […]

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ICT4D @ Tulane: Student perspectives on ICT4D

The content of this blog is generated by students enrolled in Tulane University’s IDEV4100: Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) course. Students in the course are generally junior and senior students, majoring in International Development through the Payson Center at Tulane. You can also follow their class Twitter account: […]

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Appropriating Technology for social justice and human development (Tony Roberts’ blog)

Appropriating Technology is the blog of Tony Roberts (aka @phat_controller) Tony’s bio from his site: “After 25 years as a practitioner I have recently returned to school to study how ICT4D should be done, ‘in theory’. I am a second-year PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London at the […]

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ETEC 521: Indigeneity, Technology and Education

One of my guilty pleasures is reading the class blog for ETEC 521: Indigeneity, Technology and Education, a course taught at the University of British Columbia in their Master of Educational Technology program. Here’s a bit about the blog (from the About page): “These weblogs provide information on the collective […]

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Mobile Technology, Gender and Development

Mobile Technology, Gender and Development is a University of Jyväskylä based research project focusing on the use and cultural meanings of mobile technology in Africa, India and Bangladesh. From the first post on their blog: We are a group of five anthropologists doing research on mobile technology, gender and development. […]

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