Culturally Situated Design Tools

While solutions to the “digital divide” are often imagined as a one-way bridge, there are a variety of ways in which we can create a two-way bridge alternative. Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDTs) use information technology to “translate” from local knowledge and low-tech practice, to high-tech domains such as math, […]

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Blacktracker: GPS-based Smartphone app for Indigenous Heritage Have you ever wondered about the traditional owners of the land you’re on? And not known where to find out about their cultures and traditions? As the ‘Indigenous Heritage and Education’ working group at the Heywire Regional Youth Summit, our aim was to create […]

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Dreamcatcher Informatics

The Dreamcatcher Informatics project In 2009-2010, the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport recommended the Dreamcatcher Informatics project (under the auspices of the Department of Environment and Resources Studies at the University of Waterloo) for funding under the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund – a $50,000 grant. Here is the […]

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Open Source Native Language App Code

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. is releasing their App code for free The following text is from the Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. website: Would you like your own Aboriginal language app for the iPad, iPhone or Touch? Your language app can look like Ojibway – People and Language iPhone app Build your own […]

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Ilinniarnaqsivuq / Time for School

I just learned about this project from an @IsumaTV tweet that points to a post on Stacey Aglok’s Puhitaq blog. Ilinniarnaqsivuq / Time for School From the concept document presented below: Time For School/Ilihaqta (working title) is an interactive storybook/game and learning application designed for Inuit children aged 3-7. Select […]

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Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre

What is Miromaa? From the Miromaa website: Miromaa is a program which we [Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association, Inc. (ACRA)] have developed to aid in language preservation, reclamation and dissemination work, it is a easy to use, user friendly database to help you gather, organise, analyse and produce outcomes for your […]

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Digital Songlines project

A kind fellow by the name of Jeremy just sent me a message letting me know that the link to the Digital Songlines page no longer works. After looking around a bit online, I have learned why: the group that created the project is sadly no longer in existence. The […]

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