Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA)

Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) is the peak body for remote Indigenous media and communications and was founded in 2001. IRCA is committed to building the capacity of the sector while also providing tools, networks and resources that help remote media workers build their skills, profile and performance. IRCA currently […]

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L’auravetl’an Information and Education Network of Indigenous People (LIENIP)

The interregional public organization L’auravetl’an Information and Education Network of Indigenous People (LIENIP) was established in 2003. The establishment of the information center was driven by the difficult situation of indigenous peoples in the North, Siberia, and the Far East of the Russian Federation. Thirty indigenous peoples in each of […]

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Center for World Indigenous Studies

The Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) is an independent, non-profit [U.S. 501(c)(3)] research and education organization dedicated to wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and the social, economic and political realities of indigenous nations. The Center fosters better understanding between peoples through the […]

Digital Museum of Taiwan Indigenous People

Featuring information on the following Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan: Amis Atayal Bunun Kavalan Paiwan Puyuma Rukai Saisiyat Sakizaya Tao Thao Truku Tsou

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Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the Americas (ICCTA)

ICCTA’S Mission To promote the appropriate use and development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to strengthen the recovery of the roots of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and their legal, political, social, educational, cultural, spiritual and economic well-being. Slideshow about the ICCTA ICCTA Strategic Plan The objective of […]

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Iwaidja Inyman

Iwaidja Inyman (ee-WAHD-jah EEN-mahn) meaning ‘Iwaidja language’ is an innovative and award-winning community project based on Croker Island in Northwestern Arnhem Land, dedicated to the documentation, maintenance, preservation and promotion of Iwaidja and other endangered languages of the region. Our funding comes from the Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records (MILR) […]

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The Arviat Film Society

The Arviat Film Society Arviat is a predominantly Inuit city in the high western Arctic, and the third largest in Canada’s newest province, Nunavut. For more than two years, a group of volunteer Inuit youth in the community has dedicated time and energy to create multi-media projects aimed at investigating, […]

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