Network of Indigenous Knowledge

From the PBS website… How can the modern study of global change benefit from ancient knowledge? Special correspondent John Larson reports on the new ways indigenous communities around the world are connecting with one another to share observations and sustain their native cultures. Excerpt from the transcript JOHN LARSON: When […]

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Sommer Films

From the Sommer Films website: Rebecca Sommer is a New-York-based and German-born international human rights advocate, journalist, artist and filmmaker, and the representative for EarthPeoples ( to the United Nations. Rebecca Sommer has earned a reputation in many fields. She was editor at large for Madison magazine (NYC), Spirit and […]

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A Dialogue on ICTs and Poverty: The Documentary

In September 2003, thirty experts from around the world gathered at Harvard University to discuss how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can help reduce poverty. At this “Harvard Forum,” academics, development specialists, and Nobel Prize-winning economists exchanged experiences and ideas on the present and future of ICTs in development. This […]

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Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

Traditional and indigenous communities depend on a healthy relationship with the Land and therefore possess a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience in adapting to long-term changes in their environment. And yet indigenous communities are extremely vulnerable to the current unprecedented rate of global climate change, with its large-scale […]

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Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations

I encourage you to visit Rebecca Sommer’s website for more incredible documentary work.

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Hello Africa (documentary)

Hello Africa from UZI FILM on Vimeo. Documentary about mobile phone culture in Africa. All material is published under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA). More info at and Hello Africa is the title of a documentary that illustrates cellphone culture in Africa. It shows images of contemporary Africa […]

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Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK)

This short documentary features ICT development in Africa with emphasis on how the Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK) is changing the way rural Africa communicates. The Rural Internet Kiosk is 100% solar powered and is connected to the Internet via Satellite using Astra2Connect VSAT technology.

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Coded Stories: weaving bar codes, Mapuche textiles, and digital identities

About Coded Stories From the Coded Stories website: “An indigenous people, struggling to preserve their traditions. An artist, looking to merge the oldest creative traditions and the newest technologies, while calling attention to the indigenous of his native country. The Coded Stories Project will use an artist’s unique work to […]

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Cry Rock: a short documentary about stories, memory and Nuxalk tradition

Synopsis [from the Cry Rock website] Less than fifteen Nuxalk language speakers and storytellers remain in Bella Coola, British Columbia. One of these elders is the director Banchi Hanuse’s 80-year-old grandmother. In a technologically obsessed century, it would seem easier to record Nuxalk stories for future generations, but Hanuse resists. […]

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The Social Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on Australian Indigenous Cultural Preservation Efforts

This video documentary and the accompanying paper were created by Daniel C. Hottle in fulfillment of requirements for his Masters degree in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University. From the BSU Digital Storytelling website: “This action research study examines the roles emerging digital technologies play in the cultural preservation efforts […]

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