Posted to the Ethnos Project by on August 24th, 2013

The majority of our world’s population lacks access to life’s basic needs. We develop and implement human-centered products to help them thrive.

Technology can empower and liberate. A single, effective product has more potential for worldwide impact – by providing clean water, food, shelter, or income – than any other existing development approach. Through the introduction of inexpensive and simple yet life-altering products the lives of more than 2 billion poverty-stricken people around the globe can be dramatically improved.

Catapult Design is a non-profit design consultancy providing engineering and implementation support to the thousands of organizations in need of technologies or products capable of igniting social change. We are engineers, designers, implementers, and educators – we design products, introduce technologies, and foster trends that are appropriate, self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and culturally sensitive.

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