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An interview with Danny Alexander and Sean Hewens of

Originally published on the Best Practice in ICT4D: A Conversation blog

Sean Hewens is knowledge manager and in-house counsel at He oversees’s mission to spread human-centered design throughout the social sector. In his role as Knowledge Manager, Sean has helped document and tell stories about every aspect of the design process. Previously, Sean worked at a law firm and then ran a non-profit building computer labs in Kenya and Tanzania.

Danny Alexander is a Senior Designer at Prior to he worked in industrial and product design, and has been a partner in several start-ups. He works with’s clients and partners to explore new frontiers in design, with a focus on the intersection of design and social good.

Questions Asked

  • What is human-centered design?
  • Why is human-centered design important in the social sector, and is the social sector lagging behind the private sector in this regard?
  • Why is human-centered design important to the field of ICT4D?
  • Is failure at certain times not only acceptable but important?

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