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NOTE: I have followed Linda’s tweets and read her blog since 2008, and met her very briefly during a meet up after the UN Week Digital Media Lounge in NYC in 2010. She’s got great energy and enthusiasm and is on my list of favorite ICT4D peeps. Cheers, Mark O.

From Linda’s blog: “I’ve been involved in different aspects of international development work since 1994. I got into this area mostly by accident, starting out in El Salvador where I spent the 90′s. I’ve worked on the ‘field’ side in translation, communications, programs, grants, administration, management, disaster response, youth media, and technical advisory. I’ve worked from the other side of the pond on fund raising, youth engagement and development education. I’m an anthropologist by degree and a participant observer by nature.

I currently work at Plan International. My focus is on integrating new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and social media into community development programs and communications initiatives to improve impact, reach and quality, and to offer tools that can help increase youth participation and voice at local, national and global levels.

At the moment my emphasis is on violence prevention, youth-led advocacy, gender, Africa and sometimes emergencies and crisis situations. I also support the global organization with strategy and training around the use of ICTs and social media in general. This work takes me in different directions and I tend to move around in the grey areas between regions, sectors, departments, teams, disciplines, internal and external, private and public. I try to serve as a bridge between these spaces. Blogging is one way to do that.”

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