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The Bellanet Alliance is an international network of organizations working to foster global and regional collaboration through a more effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and Knowledge Sharing practices. Operating as an independent and self-sustained alliance of social entrepreneurs in four well established regions of the world, Bellanet is proud to champion a strong south-south and south-north partnership based on trust, shared values and quality of work. The Bellanet Alliance members are Sula Batsu in Costa Rica, SAP International in Nepal, Aitec in Uganda and Groupsia in Canada.

Bellanet’s work is focused in the following program areas:

Organizational and network strengthening: we work to help organizations understand their strengths and create vibrant collaborations.

Technical Assistance: we specialize in hosting dialogues, web platforms, as well as social media research and solutions that help to strengthen partnerships amongst international groups, organizations and networks.

Open Development: we believe that openness fosters stronger collaborations and transparency amongst organizations. We help to foster open standards and open source projects that provide additional tools for international organizations.

ICT Research and Policy Advice: we provide research into new emerging ICT and communications media that can increase transparency and strengthen the impact of development programming.

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