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bidwell-book-coverThere is intensified interest in designing information and communication technologies (ICTs) that respond to ways of doing, knowing, and saying that differ from those that dominate in producing ICTs and, in particular, to ‘traditional’ or ‘indigenous’ knowledges. ICT endeavours for indigenous or traditional knowledges (ITK) vary. Some aim to extend ITK digitally and others use ICTs to improve the economic and/or political situation of marginalised groups. This book presents themes that arise in designing to respond to ITK in different cultural, social, physical, and historical contexts.

NOTE: I don’t usually add items to the database that have a cost, but as an e-book, the $7.99 I paid was well worth it. Follow the button link to see the table of contents – quite a bit of excellent research to be found there. Cheers, Mark O.

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