Never Neutral: Critical Approaches to Digital Tools & Culture in the Humanities

But technology is never neutral and I’m starting to see pause and critique as part of my charge, too. This opening quote is from Robin Camille Davis, Emerging Technologies & Distance Services Librarian at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY. An “Emerging Technologies Librarian” is one of several digital […]

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Remediating sacred imagery on screens: Yolngu experiments with new media technology

When I first arrived in the Yolngu township of Galiwin’ku to undertake fieldwork for my doctoral thesis at the University of Melbourne and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, almost a decade ago to the day, a particular research question had been on my mind for some time. Over […]

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A Holistic Perspective on Indigenous Digital Libraries in Taiwan

This paper reports on the development of Taiwan indigenous digital libraries representing fourteen groups with about five hundred and two thousand indigenous people. The study reviews 50 indigenous-related projects and initiatives in the Taiwan E-learning & Digital Archives Program (TELDAP), and concludes 5 findings of Taiwan’s indigenous digital library, each […]

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Mukurtu: Information Retrieval System Engineered for Indigenous Individuals and Communities

This paper will examine the Mukurtu content management system (CMS) developed by researchers at Washington State University to address specific needs of Indigenous individuals and Indigenous communities worldwide. Mukurtu is based on the open-source DRUPAL platform and utilizes many aspects unique to that platform, such as role-based permission systems, which […]

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