Indigenous Knowledge Communication in the 21st Century

Indigenous knowledge — the knowledge developed by local people and passed down over generations — is a major, untapped resource for development. In the 21st century indigenous information is transmitted mainly through indigenous communication channels: indigenous organizations, folk media, traditional education, and so forth. Emerging information and communication technology (ICT) […]

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Subversion, Conversion, Development: Cross-Cultural Knowledge Exchange and the Politics of Design

This book explores alternative cultural encounters with and around information technologies. These encounters are alternative because they counter dominant, Western-oriented notions of media consumption; they include media practices as forms of cultural resistance and subversion, “DIY cultures,” and other nonmainstream models of technology production. The contributors — leading thinkers in […]

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Explore over 700 items in the Ethnos Project Resources Database with Curated Views

Since 2008, the Ethnos Project Resources Database has grown to over 700 items relating to the topics of culture and development, the digital humanities, Indigenous knowledge management, information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D), community informatics, Indigenous media, language and cultural preservation, digital storytelling, emerging and appropriate technologies, and the […]

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Graduate research assistantship in Indigenous language technology

This was posted today on the Indigenous Language and Technology (ILAT) listserv [see archives here] by Dr. Jordan Lachler of UAlberta… Open Graduate Research Assistantship The Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta is offering a graduate student position at either the MSc (2 years) or PhD (4 years) […]

The Concept Behind

In this post, the second in a three part series about, Ethnos Project contributor Christoph Amthor moves the focus from societal context to conceptualization. Part 1: and its Roots in Burma Part 2: The Concept Behind Part 3: Developing and Testing is a free and […]