Indigenous Knowledge for Development: a Framework for Action

This paper has been prepared in the context of the Indigenous Knowledge for Development Initiative. The initiative is lead by the World Bank in partnership with several organizations which are collaborating under the Partnership for Information and Communication Technology for Africa (PICTA). The main premise of the paper is that […]

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Indigenous Knowledge for Development: Opportunities and Challenges

This paper introduces indigenous knowledge (IK) as a significant resource which could contribute to the increased efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the development process. IK is defined as the basis for community-level decision making in areas pertaining to food security, human and animal health, education, natural resource management and other […]

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Impact assessment of ICT-for-development projects: a compendium of approaches

Billions of US dollars are invested each year by the public, NGO and private sectors in information-and-communication-technologies-for-development (ICT4D) projects such as telecentres, village phone schemes, e-health and e-education projects, egovernment kiosks, etc. Yet we have very little sense of the effect of that investment. Put simply, there is far too […]

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iGUIDE – ICTD Resources in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area

The iGUIDE: ICTD Resources in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area is the first-ever comprehensive resource directory of local ICTD initiatives. Its easy-to-use listings of vital information about ICTD organizations and ICTD funders will serve as a valuable resource for ICTD practitioners, not only in Silicon Valley and […]

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Community media: a good practice handbook

This is a collection of case studies of good practice in community media. Its intention is to provide inspiration and support for those engaged in community media advocacy and to raise awareness and understanding of community media among policy makers and other stakeholders. The collection is focused on electronic media […]

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Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ)

Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities. Digital humanities is a diverse and still emerging field that encompasses the practice of humanities research in and through information technology, and the exploration of how the humanities may evolve through […]

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Indigenous Knowledge: Local Pathways to Global Development

The cases presented here demonstrate how communities and local practitioners use indigenous knowledge systems and practices to help increase their crop yields, educate their children, reduce suffering from HIV/AIDS, decrease infant and maternal mortality, heal the impact of conflict, learn from each other, and empower themselves. The cases also suggest […]

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Information Technology in Developing Countries

‘Information Technology in Developing Countries’ is a newsletter of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 9.4 titled Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. The newsletter is now published on the web by the Centre for Electronic Governance, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. The newsletter carries articles […]

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Information Technologies & International Development

Information Technologies & International Development is an interdisciplinary open-access journal that focuses on the intersection of information and communication technologies (ICTs) with the “other four billion” – the share of the world population whose countries are not yet widely connected to the Internet nor widely considered in the design of […]

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