Design for the Contact Zone: Knowledge management software and the structures of indigenous knowledges

This article examines the design of digital indigenous knowledge archives. In a discussion of the distinction between indigenous knowledge and western science, a decentred perspective is developed, in which the relationship between different local knowledges is explored. The particular characteristics of indigenous knowledges raise questions about if and how these […]

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Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IAJIKS)

Welcome to Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IAJIKS) is an independent and fully accredited publication. The name Indilinga: stands for the “circular orientation” of indigenous African communities which is exhibited in their material culture and behaviour. The journal has been motivated by the need for a dependable expression […]

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The Challenges Faced by African Libraries & Information Centres in Documenting & Preserving IK

African libraries and Information centres are faced with a plethora of challenges in the documentation of indigenous knowledge. Among the challenges is the lack of legal frameworks at national and international level to support the library efforts. Financial, human capacity and technology shortages pose a challenge to the documentation of […]

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