Mira Canning Stock Route Project Archive

WARNING: This website contains images, names and stories of Aboriginal people who have passed away. Mira (Martu Wangka): to bring something hidden into the light Mira represents the culmination of FORM’s award-winning Canning Stock Route Project, which was initiated in 2006 and has involved over 250 Aboriginal participants, over 100 […]

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Language app: Ho-Chunk (Hoocąk)

The Hoocąk Waaziija Haci Language Division is dedicated to ensuring the Hoocąk language continues to be a “living language”. As a sign of respect to our elders, and the speakers that have come before us, we will continue to speak our language, celebrate our customs, respect the Hoocąk value system […]

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Language app: Chickasaw

Chokma! The Chickasaw Nation presents Chickasaw Language Basic, a Chickasaw language learning application for all Apple mobile devices. Chickasaw Language Basic offers hundreds of Chickasaw words, phrases, songs and videos. Learn the Chickasaw language anytime, anywhere from actual Chickasaw speakers. Features:Hundreds of words and phrases organized by categories, including Alphabet, […]

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Language app: Arikara

The Arikara Cultural Center aims to preserve, promote and maintain Arikara culture. By creating, developing and making available to the Arikara people dynamic activities that are imbued with Arikara culture. Additionally, the Arikara Cultural Center will reinforce and support existing cultural domains. The Arikara Cultural Center hopes to increase knowledge, […]

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Language app: Chemehuevi

Thornton Media, Inc. an American Indian-owned company, has permission from Chairman Darrell Mike to release their Chemehuevi App to the iTunes store. All Language materials remain the property of the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians. We wish this app will help in the revitalization efforts of the Chemehuevi language.

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Language app: Omaha

Omaha Nation Public Schools (UNPS), the Omaha Language Cultural Center (ULCC) & Title VII Department are resources to our children, schools and community. We promote the daily use of spoken Omaha language and participation in our Omaha culture. Omaha Nation Public Schools asked Thornton Media, Inc. to help publish this […]

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