Gender and ICTs for Development: a global sourcebook

Introduction: Gender and ICTs for development: setting the context Helen Hambly Odame The effect of ICT on women’s enterprise creation: a practical example from China Li Guihuan E-business piloting and readiness for rural women weavers in Bhutan: lessons learned Minori Terada Fishers and radios: a case study of Radio Ada in Ghana […]

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ICTs and Sustainable Solutions for the Digital Divide: Theory and Perspectives

Chapter Abstracts Delineating the meaning and value of Development Informatics Graeme Johanson This chapter describes the field of Development Informatics as it has emerged in the past two decades, and highlights some of the strengths of its research and practices. It draws on the current literature and the expertise of […]

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Phil Borges: Documenting our endangered cultures

In this Phil Borges keynote, the world traveler and photographer talks about the rapid decline of indigenous cultures and languages. There are over 6,000 languages in the world and roughly 3,000 of those languages are not spoken by the children of those cultures. This means that roughly every two weeks […]

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The Impact of Cultural Assumptions about Technology on Choctaw Heritage Preservation and Sharing

Abstract Neither the effects of information and communication technology (ICT) on culture nor the cultural roles of ICT are widely understood, particularly among marginalized ethno-cultures and indigenous people. One theoretical lens that has received attention outside of Native American studies is the theory of Information Technology Cultures, or “IT Culture,” […]

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