Indigenous Youth & ICT: The Jakun & their Quest to Preserve their Traditional Knowledge – Malaysia

Abstract Information and communications technology (ICT) is fast catching up with youth throughout the globe. Once confined to the affluent of urban populace, ICT is now transcending boundaries, cultures and the economy of the masses, bridging the gap between urban and rural youth. New technology is creeping into aboriginal villages […]

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Fragile memories: Indigenous knowledge and development

Abstract This paper examines the nature of knowledge with particular reference to so-called “indigenous knowledge” and its treatment within development interventions. It highlights some of the theoretical arguments and different sides of the debate concerning hierarchies of knowledge with development narratives and discourse. Much indigenous knowledge is contained in oral […]

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Human–Computer Interaction and Global Development

A publication by Kentaro Toyama (2010) Abstract International development is concerned with making life better for the least privileged people of the world. Since the 1990s, HCI has engaged increasingly with development through an interdisciplinary field known as “information and communication technologies for development,” or ICT4D. This article overviews the […]

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