Indigenous, ethnic and cultural articulations of new media

This article extends a lineage of research that reveals possibilities by which indigenous and ethnic communities have appropriated media technologies to serve their own cultural, political and social visions. This article focuses on networked and database-driven ‘new’ media and information systems, and the possibilities and potentialities these hold within cultural […]

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Rhizomatica promotes “Mobile Communications for All” by aiming to provide cellular service to underserved and overlooked communities. It helped launch the first autonomous cellphone network in a small, Zapoteca community in Oaxaca, Mexico. According the the Rhizomatica “About Page,” According to the ITU, 2-3 billion people around the world lack […]

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Mexican village launches autonomous cellular network

A small indigenous village in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico launched what could be a new paradigm in local telecommunications services: a community-run carrier-grade autonomous cellular network. With the support of US-based international non-profit Rhizomatica, the Zapoteco village Villa Talea de Castro now offers cell phone service for its residents […]

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