Enee: a Shoshone Language Online Video Game

Enee is a 2D adventure / fetch quest game that teaches Shoshone language and culture to anyone in the world that wants to learn it. Enee achieves this by having the main character explore and experience a world full of Shoshone stories while immersing players in fun gameplay. Excerpt from […]

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Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Online Dictionary

This dictionary was submitted to the Resources Database by Jimm G. GoodTracks, creator of the Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Language Website. Jimm writes: “This is an expansion of the original 1992 Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Dictionary published via University Colorado, Boulder. It is under on-going expansion into an unabridged encyclopedic dictionary, that includes archaic […]

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Dictionary of the Jaqi languages: Aymara, Jaqaru and Kawki

This dictionary was submitted to the Resources Database by Dr. MJ Hardman (‎Professor of Linguistics and Anthropology at the University of Florida). Dr. MJ Hardman writes: “This is a database driven dictionary of the Jaqi languages – Aymara, Jaqaru and Kawki. It is still under construction. Reference back to the […]

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Mozilla Firefox in Indigenous Languages

The Mozilla in Mexico community supports efforts to translate and localize the internet browser Mozilla Firefox into indigenous languages of Latin America. Their website currently features modules for 26 indigenous languages across Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador, including kichwa, tz’utujil, yaqui, and others. If you would like to install Mozilla Firefox […]

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