Challenging Traditions: Sámi Folklore and Internet (Coppélie Cocq’s blog)

Introduction From the website: My name is Coppélie Cocq. I grew up in France (Flanders) and moved to Umeå, Sweden in 1997. I have a PhD in Sámi Studies from Umeå University, and my research interests are Storytelling, Folklore and Minority Studies. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in digital […]

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Stone Chips to Silicon Chips: A Grounded Theory of ICT adoption in Australian Indigenous Households

Abstract Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have become an everyday part of life. Communication networks within Australia link financial, educational, government and non-government services to Australian households. Both the 2001 and 2006 Australian Census data demonstrate that Indigenous Australians are 69% less likely to access the Internet at home than […]

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World Bank 2012 Maximizing Mobile Report

Executive Summary This report analyzes the growth and evolution of applications for mobile phones, focusing on their use in agriculture, health and financial services, as well as their impact on employment and government. It also explores the consequences for development of the emerging “app economy”, summarizing current thinking and seeking […]

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Towards a Policy for Remote Indigenous Media and Communications

Daniel Featherstone, General Manager of Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) of Australia, presents “Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Towards a Policy for Remote Indigenous Media and Communications.” The presentation describes the issues of top-down policy and one-size-fits-all programs that often do not have the desired outcomes for remote communities. […]

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Indigenous Language Education and Technology

Finding inspiration and resources for indigenous language education A curated by Allyson Eamer, Assistant Professor at University of Ontario Institute of Technology Allyson’s Research Interests Research interests include synchronous online language learning, language acquisition and identity negotiation, immersion education, ethnolinguistic vitality and mother tongue education. Allyson is also interested […]

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