Indigenous Knowledge & the Cultural Interface: Underlying issues at the intersection of knowledge & information systems

Introduction I am aware as I begin this plenary paper that members of the library profession that are drawn to a presentation slotted under the theme, Indigenous Knowledge, are most likely interested in the systems and issues for managing information in that area. And as soon as I presume that, […]

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Digitised Indigenous Knowledge in Cultural Heritage Organisations in Australia & New Zealand

Abstract This research project investigates the digital collections from selected heritage organisations, exploring how and if the rights of Indigenous peoples are being protected by policy and protocol documents on the Web. It surveys selected heritage collections across Australia and New Zealand and explores digital collection policies at local and […]

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Sustaining Indigenous Culture: The Structure, Activities, and Needs of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Introduction Sovereignty, self-determination, and self-governance are primary goals of Indigenous nations worldwide—and they take important steps toward those goals by renewing control over their stories, documents, and artifacts. In the U.S., the last 30 years have been a remarkable period of reasserted and reaffirmed authority over such cultural patrimony through […]

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