The Potential of the Internet for Development: Digital Divides and Uneven Geographies of Knowledge

A talk to DFID by Dr. Mark Graham of the Oxford Internet Institute The Internet and other new technologies have put information at the centre of the global economy. It is therefore important to understand who produces and reproduces this information, who has access, and who and where are represented […]

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Global Competition: Mobile4D Applications for Impact and Sustainability

A Mobile4D Application Generator and Implementation Initiative Mobile phones and smart applications have become an important if not the key factor in many current development initiatives. One of the main questions remaining is: Which are the key “killer” applications that make a real difference for personal and community development, provide […]

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Mobile Technologies & Empowerment: Enhancing human development through participation & innovation

I haven’t focused many blog posts here on mobile technologies for development – which is odd considering my interest in them. Over the last few years, I have worked as web developer and consultant for several mobile-oriented efforts (see below) and continue to keep my ear to the virtual rail […]

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