Indigenous Language Usage in a Digital Library: He Hautoa Kia Ora Tonu Ai

Abstract The research described in this thesis examines indigenous language usage in a digital library environment that has been accessed via the Internet. By examining discretionary use of the Māori Niupepa and Hawaiian Nūpepa digital libraries this research investigates how indigenous languages were used in these electronic environments in 2005. […]

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Indigenous Knowledge Management: Software Tools, Rights Markup Extensions, and the Role of ICTs

This post is a Jane Hunter trifecta. Dr. Hunter is currently a Professorial Research Fellow & Leader of the eResearch Lab at The University of Queensland’s School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Software Tools for Indigenous Knowledge Management (2002) Read the paper Rights Markup Extensions for the Protection of […]

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Citizen-created content, digital equity and the preservation of community memory

Abstract While the complex issues concerning the protection and preservation of digital assets are better understood by the information professions, there is still much thinking required about the preservation and protection of the new wave of citizen-created content. Traditionally information professionals in all types of memory institutions have clearly met […]

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Indigenous Digital Collections

An article by Nicholas Nakata (2007) Abstract The intersection of public institutions managing large amounts of information and knowledge and new information and communication technologies has brought forward exciting and innovative changes to the ways information and knowledge have been traditionally managed. This paper provides a brief snapshot of some […]

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The Memory of the World in the Digital age: Digitization and Preservation

An international conference 26-28 September 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada From the UNESCO website: UNESCO proposes to organize an international conference from 26 to 28 September 2012 in Vancouver (BC) Canada, to explore the main issues affecting the preservation of digital documentary heritage, in order to develop strategies that will […]

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Ilinniarnaqsivuq / Time for School

I just learned about this project from an @IsumaTV tweet that points to a post on Stacey Aglok’s Puhitaq blog. Ilinniarnaqsivuq / Time for School From the concept document presented below: Time For School/Ilihaqta (working title) is an interactive storybook/game and learning application designed for Inuit children aged 3-7. Select […]

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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT (IJEDICT)

About the Journal The International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT) is an e-journal that provides free and open access to all of its content. It aims to strengthen links between research and practice in ICT in education and development in hitherto less developed parts […]

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Using ICT to place Indigenous Knowledge Systems at the heart of Education for Sustainable Development

Abstract Existing ICT implementation are largely top-down in their information flow: from experts to target groups. Merely incorporating indigenous knowledge within this structure places it at a considerable disadvantage. A wealth of knowledge is already available within the developing world, particularly with regard to health and agriculture, two spheres of […]

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