Language Preservation Technology: Online Torwali (Kohistani) Dictionary

Reposted from the Center for Language Engineering website: On the occasion of International Mother Languages Day (21st February 2011), Center for Language Engineering at Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology is pleased to announce the launch of Online Torwali Dictionary (OTD). Torwali is an indigenous language […]

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Colonization and cultural reclamation as seen through the lens of Octavia E. Butler’s Dawn

A reflection on colonization and cultural reclamation as seen through the lens of Octavia E. Butler’s Dawn Imagine a fixed moment in time, suspended, frozen. It is the moment when a tadpole becomes a frog; that point of transformation at which the doors to the past are locked. The object […]

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Expanding the Knowledge Base: Managing Extended Knowledge at the National Museum of the American Indian

Abstract A Native American basketmaker was hired to teach a college class in Indian crafts. Each day she began and ended her class by having her students sing songs she had taught them, until some of the students began to complain that they would never learn basket making at that […]

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Using ICTs for Indigenous Cultural Preservation: Challenges and Strategies

As Indigenous communities endeavor to maintain their traditional ways of knowing, many are turning to information and communications technologies (ICTs) to sustain and stimulate their Indigenous knowledge traditions ([1],[2],[3]). They are using analog and digital video and audio recording devices, as well as a constellation of computer, mobile, and Internet-related […]

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