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Details: Javier F. Díaz, Laura A. Fava, Luciano J. Nomdedeu, Carlos Pinto, Yanina Hualde, Leo Bolzicco, Vicente Bastos Mendes Da Silva (2014)
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This article describes the interdisciplinary work carried out by teachers and students of the Faculties of Fine Arts and Informatics in La Plata city, to develop a serious game for social networks related with Argentine native peoples. The game presented is a serious video game, innovative for social sciences, which promotes more effective learning processes than traditional methods, adding to social networks the ability to transmit knowledge, besides favoring socialization, cooperation and entertainment. The artists, computer scientists, anthropologists and primary school teachers who are part of the team believe that this game help understand and become aware of the historical and current issues of native peoples, seeking to strengthen the concept of Argentina as a multiethnic and multicultural country. The most important aspect of this serious game, called Raices, is to provide an innovative interactive interface to encourage the interests of school children in learning cultural history of Argentinean aboriginal communities. Also, the paper would be a guidance for other teams who would like to do similar work.