Pantanî, an Indigenous digital storytelling blog

Pantanî – pronounced ‘pan-duh-nee’ – means “stories” in Makushi, the language of the indigenous peoples of the North Rupununi, Guyana. The beautiful Rupununi region has been the home of the Makushi tribes for many centuries. The region’s environment, its extensive savannahs, huge rivers and thick forests have shaped its inhabitant’s […]

Endangered Languages and Cultures Blog at

Endangered Language and Cultures is a multi-authored blog about linguistics, language documentation, research technology, and generally everything to do with endangered languages and cultures. It is predominantly written by linguists Jane Simpson and Peter Austin, archivists from PARADISEC, and a whole slew of guest contributors.


ICTworks™ is a premier resource for sharing and expanding knowledge on appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) and the implementation processes that can make them sustainable in rural and underserved communities across the developing world (ICT4D). ICTworks is hosted by Inveneo, a social enterprise that creates highly sustainable and affordable […]

THINK! The Innovation Knowledge Foundation

THINK! (The Innovation Knowledge Foundation) is an international no-profit research institute – a think tank – whose aim is to collect, process, share and circulate information concerning the ways in which ICT and digital technologies can enable innovation processes, economic growth and human development in mature, emerging and less developed […]

Rising Voices: helping the global population join the global conversation

Rising Voices, an outreach initiative of Global Voices, aims to help bring new voices from new communities and speaking new languages to the global conversation by providing resources and funding to local groups reaching out to underrepresented communities. Introduction Micro-Grant Competition Outreach Curriculum Get Involved About Us Contact Us Introduction Founded […]

ICT for Development Blog

ICT4DBlog talks about the relation between information and communication technologies and socio-economic development. Its contributors all have a connection with the University of Manchester’s Centre for Development Informatics, through work and/or study. The Centre teaches a one-year MSc programme in ICTs for Development; a PhD programme on ICTs for development; […]

Best Practice in ICT4D: A Conversation

Access to information can transform lives, livelihoods, and spiritual wellbeing. This is particularly true in places where access to information has been hindered by economic, geographic, or social barriers. Today, the rapidly growing reach of cell phone and other modern communications technologies holds tremendous potential to overcome some of these […]

Crisscrossed (Christian Kreutz’s blog)

This blog aims to analyze potentials in the interface of technology and social innovation, and also the challenges of the digital age. It focuses on tools such as internet — it’s impact, potential and challenges it faces within different cultures around the world. It also approaches network learning and highlights […]

Global Voices

Global Voices is a community of more than 200 bloggers around the world who work together to bring you translations and reports from blogs and citizen media everywhere, with emphasis on voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media. Millions of people are blogging, podcasting, and uploading photos, […]

Gurstein’s Community Informatics (Michael Gurstein’s blog)

Mike Gurstein’s comments on enabling and empowering communities with information and communications technologies and other stuff. Michael Gurstein is currently Executive Director of the Centre for Community Informatics Research, Development and Training (Vancouver BC and Cape Town, South Africa). Canadian, he completed a B.A. at the University of Saskatchewan and […]